Samsung UHD UE590R and UE850R will Be with Freesync

Samsung is all set to launch its new UE590 series in the form of two models- the 23.5 inch U24E590D and the 28 inch U28E590D models. Both these models provide an ultra HD support of 3840 x 2160 resolution and the Freesync AMD dynamic refresh rates. These key features make these two models highly ideal… Read More »

Multiple Monitoring Enhances Productivity

The growing love for technology and the demand for productivity led people to adopt multiple screen options. Earlier only those who were related to the IT field used more than one monitor. To improve workflow and embellish productivity, multiple screen concept is followed. Is this fact true? It has been stated that productivity increases at… Read More »

How to diminish Eye Strain While Using PC

Did you ever realise that you have been trapped in the digital world? No matter where you turn, you will find a phone to your right, laptop in front, and tablet in your left. If you are similar to the people who spend many hours sitting in front of a computer, playing the game on… Read More »

BenQ SW2700PT for Professional Photographers

Designed exclusively for photography professionals and personnel working for color critical applications, BenQ is all set to launch a new 27” monitor, the SW2700PT. This model has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and comes with a wide gamut backlight which offers and Adobe RGB coverage of 99%. The screen is loaded with a 14-bit… Read More »

ASUS ROG PG34Q 34” Ultra-Wide Curved G-Sync Monitor

It is speculated that Asus are set to showcase a new 34” ultra-wide, 21:9 aspect ratio curved display at the renowned Computex event this year. Even though it has been surprisingly not mentioned in Asus’s press release, Nvidia’s press information reveals that the model number is PG34Q. This could be subject to change however. The… Read More »

LG 27MU67: An Upcoming 4K Ultra HD Monitor 2015

LG electronics is all set to take the experience of gamers to another level as it plans to launch its new monitor LG 4K ULTRA HD (27MU67 model) later this month for the first time in the United States. The monitor belongs to the class of the 27-inch monitors and boasts a diagonal dimension of… Read More »

Ecoisme: Your home’s Intelligent Energy Auditor

You might be well aware of the ‘task manager’ that is frequently used in case your PC has suddenly slowed down. The task manager gives an ideal audit of what is consuming how much of your PC’s processing power. Imagine, if we had a similar task manager that governs and audits the power consumption of… Read More »

Viewsonic VG2860MHL-4K Ultra HD Monitor Great for Business Professionals

The Global Pioneer of visual solution products, ViewSonic, introduced its VG2860MHL-4K Ultra HD monitor, which has been designed exclusively for business professionals. This new product promises to fulfill all the visual needs of business professionals building upon its heritage of award-winning display quality. As per ViewSonic Europe Ltd’s product marketing manager, Claire Chuang, in their… Read More »

Acer Inc. has Boomed the Gaming World with Acer XR341CK Gaming Monitor

Acer has become more sincere regarding the gaming industry. Delivering distinct innumerable products like keyboard and mouse combinations and HD video cards etc. Acer Inc.’s computers are assembled with featured accessories that deliver the gamer an incredible gaming experience. Apparently, it released a new curved monitor that makes gaming experience enthralling. We offer everything-latest laptops,… Read More »

HP New Desktop Computers; Releases Five New Back-To-School Desktop Computers

With the development of Technology, demands of people is increasing proportionately too. In this tough race, HP (Hewlett-Packard), stands away from the queue releasing its five different PC’s with five different qualifies. The HP new desktop computers include, HP Pavilion Tower, HP Envy, HP Envy Phoenix, HP Spectre, and HP All-in-one. MORE: Very Cheap Full… Read More »